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Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust (TEMIT)

Transform your portfolio with Templeton
Emerging Markets Investment Trust (TEMIT)

Carlos Hardenberg, TEMIT Manager Interview

Carlos Hardenberg, lead portfolio manager of Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust discusses portfolio changes, investment opportunities and his outlook. Interview courtesy of the Association of Investment Companies (AIC).

Why Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust (TEMIT)


Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America: emerging markets are among the most exciting investment opportunities in the world today.


We look beyond the benchmark, to companies we believe are fundamentally undervalued and are not limited by market trends, country or industry sector.


Guided by strict investment discipline and extensive research, our 52 investment professionals in 20 emerging markets offices bring a local perspective to investment opportunities from Shanghai to South Africa.


Established in 1987, the Templeton Global Emerging Markets Group, led by Dr. Mark Mobius have an investment strategy proven over many market cycles.

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Emerging markets blog
Visit the emerging markets section of our blog for all the latest manager thinking.

Emerging markets blog

How to invest

You can invest in TEMIT directly via the stock market, through a variety of investment wrappers (including ISA or SIPP), or through a Junior ISA.

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TEMIT is one of the first dedicated emerging markets funds in the UK and has grown to be the largest emerging markets investment company on the London Stock Exchange.

Price and Performance

View TEMIT's daily pricing and long term performance.

TEMIT Updates and Literature

Access the latest stock exchange announcements, factsheets, commentary, legal documents and reports.

Emerging Market Updates

Dr Mark Mobius and the Templeton Emerging Markets Group produce a regular stream of commentary from their travels across emerging markets.

How to Invest

You can invest in TEMIT directly via the stock market, through a variety of investment wrappers (including ISA or SIPP), or through a Junior ISA.



What are the risks?

  • TEMIT may be appropriate for investors who want to invest in emerging markets and are willing to take some risk to their investment for the potential of capital growth over the long-term.
  • Like all stock market investments, the value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and you may get back less than invested.
  • TEMIT invests mainly in the equity securities of emerging market companies around the world. Emerging markets have less developed political, economic, legal and regulatory systems, and may be impacted by political/economic instability, lack of liquidity or transparency, or safekeeping issues.
  • Emerging markets have historically been subject to significant price movements, frequently to a greater extent than developed equity markets. The performance of TEMIT can therefore fluctuate significantly over relatively short time periods.
  • Past performance is not a guide to future performance.
  • TEMIT invests in assets which are denominated in currencies other than sterling; changes in exchange rates will affect the value of investments.
  • These and other risks are described more fully in the latest annual report.
  • If you are in any doubt about the suitability of TEMIT for you, please speak to an authorised professional adviser.


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