Sonal Desai: Emerging Market Changes and OpportunitiesApr 12, 2018

Key Points

Emerging market fixed income has evolved rapidly over the past few years, and offer the potential of diversification and alpha. However, it is a complex marketplace and should not be viewed as a single asset class; events such as US interest rate moves and individual currency considerations impact different countries in different ways.

Sonal Desai

Sonal Desai 
Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Director of Research
Templeton Global Macro

Emerging Market Changes and Opportunities

Dr. Sonal Desai, "I think, generally, investors have a misperception about both the risk and liquidity of the emerging market universe."

Potential Impact of Rising US Rates and Currency Considerations in Emerging Markets

"Currency considerations are key for us. We don’t see much value in the hard currency space for emerging market debt; however, in local markets, we do see value."

ESG Factors and Global Research in Emerging Markets

"We have developed, in a proprietary fashion, our own index to rank sovereigns in terms of how they are evolving in the ESG process."

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