Reflections on Growing Economies and Fading Stimulus

2018 Global Investment Outlook

As markets shift away from the recovery era of monetary accommodation, our leading experts share their 2018 investment outlooks focusing on the big issues facing us all, as well as some of the risks and opportunities specific to individual asset classes. These views represent a broad range of Franklin Templeton strategies including UK equity, emerging market equity and global macro.

UK Equity Outlook 2018

Why lower growth and falling inflation are positives

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Global Macro 2018 Outlook

Identifying value in the post-QE era

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Emerging Markets 2018 Outlook

More Room for Emerging Markets to Run in 2018

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US Equity 2018 Outlook

Innovation-Driven Tailwind for US Equities

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Expert high-level market views to help guide your portfolio decisions

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Hedge Fund 2018 Outlook

Fertile Ground for Hedge Funds