Diversity at Work

Franklin Templeton is committed to creating a fair and inclusive environment for its employees, investors, clients and visitors.

As a global company for many generations, the Group has a deep understanding of the value that the varied

Paul Brady, UK Diversity Champion

Paul Brady,
UK Diversity Champion

perspectives, backgrounds, unique skills and experience of a truly diverse workforce bring to investors and the organisation.

Franklin Templeton’s core values and the desire to respect each individual, guide how we work together, value differences and pursue common goals and is an integral part of our employment policies and practices.

A UK perspective

As a board Director of our UK organisation and the Franklin Templeton Investments UK Diversity Champion, I am proud that our commitment to diversity and inclusion does not stop at hiring and employment policies. It extends to our support for external groups such as Stonewall who are active in campaigning for equality for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community. But perhaps the part I’m most proud of is the support employees give each other through our ever-growing network of communities and Business Resource Groups including: 

  • ABLE@FTI (Abilities Beyond Limited Expectations) – A group whose aim is to unite and support those whose lives are impacted by disabilities, including physical, mental, behavioural or medical disabilities and delays.
  • BEN@FTI (Black Empowerment Network) – A group whose aim is to facilitate the success of all employees of African descent
  • Pride@FTI – A community to promote an inclusive environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans employees and their allies at Franklin Templeton
  • Women @FTI – A platform to encourage, inspire and support women in their career development at FTI

Paul Brady, UK Diversity Champion 

Women in Finance Charter

Franklin Templeton is proud to be a signatory to the HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter, which encourages financial services firms to take specific actions to improve their gender balance.

Signing up to the Charter demonstrates a further element to our commitment for diversity and inclusion and pledges us to strive further at all levels across financial services. To begin to address this, we have set ourselves a target range of 28% - 33% of females within senior management roles in the UK by 2021 and are making good progress towards this target and ensuring we get the best candidates irrespective of gender. We continue to review and enhance our existing practices which support gender balance and further our efforts towards retaining our senior talent and creating a more diverse workforce at Franklin Templeton.

Women in Finance Charter

Gender Pay Gap Report

In 2016 the UK Government introduced new legislation requiring all UK legal employers with more than 250 relevant employees to publish their gender pay gap information each year, with the first results taken from April 2017 to be published no later than 4 April 2018.

At Franklin Templeton, transparency and gender equality are important to us; whilst none of our UK legal entities individually currently exceed the threshold of 250 employees, we recognise the importance of transparency and given the total number of employees operating under the Franklin Templeton brand in the UK we have decided to voluntarily disclose our gender pay gap data for Franklin Templeton Investments UK (the total UK workforce) and our two largest subsidiary companies.

Franklin Templeton’s 2017 Gender Pay Gap Report can be viewed here (PDF).

Diversity Partners

Examples of the organisations we partner with to help create a diverse workforce.


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