Responsible investing analyses important aspects of environmental,
social and governance (ESG) issues to assess future financial performance


ESG analysis is not just about identifying and measuring risk, it is also about identifying investment opportunities. We consider ESG factors alongside traditional financial measurements to provide a comprehensive view of an investment and help identify those investments that have the potential to deliver sustainable returns.

Our landmark acquisition of Legg Mason will unlock new opportunities for our clients, driven by greater scale, diversity and balance. Our Specialist Investment Managers embrace ESG incorporation as it best fits their investment process and enables us to offer a full complement of Responsible Investing strategies to our clients.

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“Understanding the economic impact from material ESG considerations helps us to make more informed investment decisions on behalf of our clients.”

Responsible Investing at Franklin Templeton


“Our embedded ESG approach is led by our portfolio teams, who work in partnership with a team of ESG specialists to integrate ESG considerations across our global platform.”

We embed ESG best practices and analytics in our investment processes, enhancing our traditional financial analysis – to open new investment opportunities, help manage risk and seek to enhance returns over the long term.

Who’s Responsible for Incorporating ESG?

Investment Professionals

include ESG considerations in research and stewardship activities

Risk Professionals

incorporate ESG in portfolio risk models and analytics

Dedicated Team of ESG Specialists

provide independent analysis, insights and education

Active Ownership – Protecting and Unlocking Value

Diligent stewardship helps us to safeguard clients’ investments and unlock value. Our portfolio managers and analysts engage with executives and board members of the organisations we invest in to review issues we believe are material to their firms’ long-term prospects.

We also meet and collaborate with industry bodies, non-governmental organisations, academics and other specialists that could provide valuable insights.

We take our proxy voting responsibility seriously and are committed to voting in the best interests of our clients.

Diverse Range of Investment Capabilities – Aligned to Client Objectives


Including or excluding certain investments to meet specific criteria to suit clients' beliefs, such as religious or ethical values.


Positioning towards issuers with leading ESG practices or actively engaging with underperformers by these standards.


Targeting issuers that address social/environmental challenges via their products and services.


Investing with the explicit intention to generate positive and measurable social and environmental outcomes.


Our commitment to Responsible Investment is supported by collaborating with organisations that promote and establish best practice.

Industry Recognition

Franklin Resources has been a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since April 2013, ranking ahead of the peer median score in all categories in 2020.

PRI Report Card1

Corporate Citizenship Guides How We Work

Corporate citizenship and ESG considerations are embedded in our corporate values. This helps to both positively position Franklin Templeton for the future and help protect our clients. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and this underpins everything we do as a firm.



ESG Resources and Policies

Learn more about our responsible investment approach and relevant guidelines adopted in various jurisdictions worldwide.

Franklin Templeton Responsible Investing Policy

Franklin Templeton UK Stewardship Code

Franklin Templeton PRI Transparency Report

Franklin Templeton Controversial Weapons Policy

Franklin Templeton Investment Management Proxy Voting Policy

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Franklin Templeton Fund Management Limited Voting Policy

Franklin Templeton’s Comment Letter on the DOL ESG Proposal