Alternative Funds

Alternative funds invest in a variety of strategies and/or asset classes, looking to provide risk and return profiles that are distinct from traditional asset classes (such as equities, fixed income and/or cash). As these alternative investments often have lower correlation to traditional asset classes, this approach provides the benefit of potentially unique diversification opportunities for investors.

We believe our clients face a complex investing landscape that demands an intelligent approach beyond traditional asset allocation. As an innovator in seeking new, uncorrelated active return sources, we have the experience, scale and scope to meet the needs of our clients.


Prudent, risk-managed investing in alternative asset classes requires specific knowledge and expertise honed over many years through various market cycles. Since the start of our alternatives business in 1984, we have been committed to delivering the highest quality alternative investment solutions.

The value we bring to clients includes:

Checkmark Broad alternative capabilities from specialised teams.

Checkmark Proven history of innovation.

Checkmark Global operational strength supported by an integrated global investment platform.

Our Team

Franklin Templeton has distinct investment teams covering alternative assets and strategies, including commodities, hedge strategies, real assets, and private equity. These groups bring specialised expertise in alternatives, with deep, experienced teams providing active management within portfolios.

Hedge Strategies

  • K2 Advisors
  • Templeton Global Macro
  • Templeton Fixed Income



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